UCMAS Seminar

UCMAS, the gold sponsor of ROBOTEX Cyprus 2018, organizes an informative and practical seminar for the UCMAS Brain Development Program.


The seminar will take place on Saturday, March 31st, at 4:00 - 7:00 pm at the Educational Center of Evrymathia (Latsia - Geri, see map here).


The seminar concerns educational centers and private institutes that may be interested in new programs to enrich the services they offer to their students. At the seminar you will learn what it is and how UCMAS works, how it helps a child to develop his brain. You will also practice and learn how to use the abacus (Chinese numeral) to add and remove.


Please register here.


UCMAS (Universal Concepts of Mental Arithmetic Systems) is a world-renowned pioneering educational method for the development of the child's brain, with specific benefits. It is available in 78 countries worldwide, while in Cyprus it has been operating successfully for over a year. It is offered in 8 tutorials in all provinces.


If someone can not attend this date, or if they need any information, you can leave your details here.